What We Offer

Ohio Medical Staffing currently offers per diem and contract staffing of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists in all clinical settings, with a focus on Home Healthcare.

Ohio Medical Staffing has strategically partnered with Pragma-IT to implement their web-based product, therapyBOSS. It is state-of-the-art technology in Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and has become an integral part of our company’s operation. By doing so we are able to significantly improve the efficiency of the clinical documentation process, expedite the accessibility and delivery of medical records to our clients, and realize exceptional cost-savings for our partners and ourselves.

therapyBOSS allows our clinicians to collect patient data and manage it online. Our office has up-to-the-minute visibility of what’s happening throughout the agency. Clinical documentation is more complete, accurate, and submitted more quickly; review and QA is easier; and billing is faster. There is a significant reduction in paper, paper handling, and data entry, resulting in savings in time and money. Agencies can achieve higher profitability by becoming more efficient.

The system is usable from any location – in the office, at a patient’s home, in the field staff member’s home, in a hospital or other medical facility, or on the road. This provides instant access to all critical information at any time – while at work, during evenings or on weekends, and while on vacation.
Each patient’s comprehensive electronic chart is always just a click away.

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